Grand Square - Birgits Danse

Kjeld's Second
By Kjeld Rasmussen 1998
Sicilian Circle
Level: Fairly easy


Dosido opposite (8)
Ladies chain over (8)


Ladies chain back (8)
Swing your partner (8)


Gents allemande left (8)
Ladies allemande right (8)


Right hand star (star across) (8)
Balance opposite (4)
Pass through, go on to next couple (4)

Music: I like to use a tune, Old Aunt Kate, played on fiddle and guitar by an elderly couple, Tilman and Molly Pyeatt, from Prairie Grove, Arkansas. I found their tape "Dance Around Molly" in the Museum shop in the old Fort Smith, Arkansas, in 1993.

When you join a caller course in Denmark, you have to write a dance of your own. My first try did not flow properly, so Birgit urged me to add the balance and this second try worked. Hence the name of the dance.

ID: 1936