Grand Square - Birgits Danse

To Kath and Jens Peter at Silverwedding
By Birgit Rasmussen 1996
Level: Relatively easy


Two hands with partner sideways to the center sashay (4)
and back (4)
Dosido partner once and a quarter (8)


Seesaw the next once and a quarter (8)
Dosido new partner (8)


Swing same new partner (8)
Promenade in dance direction, keep left hands (8)


Fold out to a wavy circle: Ladies look in and Gents out of the circle: balance forward and back (4)
Keep left hands partner, and walk halfway around (4)
Join hands to a wavy circle: Ladies look out and Gents in: balance forward and back (4)
Turn by left hands partner half around, ready to start two hands to the center. (4)

Music: The Green Mountain Volunteers: New England Country Dance Music: French Canadian Reels.

Written for Kath and Jens Peter's silverwedding. They are a very good dancing couple who gives a caller inspiration to use more difficult dances.

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