Grand Square - Birgits Danse

To Jytte
By Birgit Rasmussen 2001
Sicilian Circle
Level: Difficult


Forward and back (8)
Allemande left with opposite 1 around (1*) (8)


Allemande right with next opposite 1 around (2*) (8)
Allemande left with next opposite 1 around (3*) (8)


Right elbow-swing with partner, buzz steps, end changing places
wrong side of partner (16)


Dosido opposite (8)
Ladies cross over, pass right shoulder, don't turn (4)
Gents cross over, pass left shoulder, don't turn
now you face next couple on proper places (4)

Music: Paddy O'Connor:Irish Folk Songs: Wearing of the Green

Jytte turned sixty. She is a good and demanding dancer.

ID: 2071