Grand Square - Birgits Danse

To Mogens K
By Birgit Rasmussen 2004
Triplet, proper
Level: Difficult


Lines forward and back (8)
2nd couple turn contra corners (8)


Continue contra corners (8)
Lines forward and back (8)


1st couple cross down to opposite line, start a hey for three between 2nd and 3rd couples, end facing in
the hey is symmetrical; 1st couple ends at top in opposite line (16)


1st couple cross down in opposite line, like cross the trail, between 2nd and 3rd couple, behind 3rd couple to the bottom, end facing in (8)
All swing partner, end falling back in proper lines
New numbering before start again (8)

Music: Salmonberry: New England Contra Dance Music: The Sweets of May, Devlin's Favourite, Seven Stars

This dance is inspired by a dance from a course in folkdances from Schleswig-Holstein given by Wolfgang Schlueter in 2003.
Mogens is the husband of the present chairperson of Grand Square. He works every Wednesday evening with practical matters for the group out of the kindness of his heart.

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