Grand Square - Birgits Danse

To Lene
By Birgit Rasmussen 2004
Sicilian Circle
Level: Easy


Forward and back (8)
Opposite right hand box the gnat
quick change of hands (4)
Opposite left hand swat the flea (4)


Seesaw opposite (8)
Join hands, circle right once around (8)


Right and left through over (8)
Right and left through back (8)


Right hand to opposite, 2 balance (4)
Pass opposite by right shoulder (4)
Swing partner, end facing next couple (8)

Music: The Berea Castoffs: Folk Buddha's Path to Enlightenment: Road Back Home, Stuffed Sole, Off to Minnesota

Lene turned sixty. She dances with a kind and smiling attitude.

ID: 2092