Grand Square - Birgits Danse

To Kaj O
By Birgit Rasmussen 2004
Hexagon, 6 couples
Level: Intermediate


In circle forward and back (8)
Two head lines: 1st plus 2nd and 4th pl


Head lines with opposite couple: 1st plus 4th and 2nd plus 5th join hands circle left once around. (8)
At the same time side couples: 3rd plus 6th to the right single file outside once around (16)
Heads swing partner out to place
while sides still walk (8)


Side couples to the right: 6th plus 1st and 3rd plus 4th right and left through over (8)
New side couples to the left: 1st plus 5th and 4th plus 2nd right and left through over (8)


1st and 4th couple diagonally right and left through over (8)
All swing partner, end facing in
New numbering before start again, after each time, all couples have moved one place to the right. The dance must run six times ( or twelve ). (8)

Music: The Olde Michigan Ruffwater Stringband: Michigan Summer: Green Willis, The Indian, Blackberry Blossom, Bus Stop.

Kaj Ovesen turned seventyfive. He is always positive to learn new dances, and I can see in his smiling eyes if he likes the dance and the music.

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