Grand Square - Birgits Danse

Grand Square Lancers 4th set
By Birgit Rasmussen 2004
Level: Intermediate

This dance consists of five sets. It is inspired by, and partly identical to, Queen City Lancers as performed by "A Circle of Friends" from Michigan and Kentucky on July 30, 1989, during their visit to Denmark.
The fourth set is rewritten by me based on my studies of Lancers' Quadrilles throughout the ages in a study group organized by Henning Urup of the Danish Dance History Archives.


Head Gents turn their Ladies once around and lead them to the right, salute for side couples. (8)
Head Gents turn their Ladies half around, pass one another by right shoulder to the other side couples, salute. (8)


Heads with same side couples circle left once and a quarter around, end in a line of four. (8)
With opposite couple right and left through over, (8)
with same couple right and left through back, end square the set.
Note: A2 has 12 beats ( 24 steps ). (8)

Repeat; Sides lead.

Repeat; Heads lead.

Repeat; Sides lead.

Music: Paint Creek Folklore Society, Rochester, Michigan: Lancers Oriental

In all figures: Everybody start with right foot. Ladies nip their skirts with free hand(s), Gents keep back side of free hand on hip.

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