Grand Square - Birgits Danse

To Doris
By Birgit Rasmussen 2005
Level: Very difficult

Be careful to turn correctly in long line and turn up and down to 2nd new couple. Two progressions


As a couple forward to the right of opposite couple, the two gents give left hands to each other (4)
Balance forward and back (4)
Back to original line of four (4)
As a couple forward to the left of same opposite couple, the two ladies give right hands to each other (4)


Balance forward and back (4)
All forward, meet 1st new opposite couple, gents pass by left shoulder (4)
Continue forward to next 2nd new opposite couple, ladies give right hands to each other, star promenade three quarters around
keeping partners in left hands, end in long lines up and down, one couple facing in, the other facing out (8)


Swing partner, end facing in to see the couple you start in line with (8)
Right and left through over, in same long line, end facing up and down
facing 1st new opposite couple, the one whom the gent passed with left shoulder (8)


Half promenade, up or down (8)
Right and left through back, and power turn to next line (8)

Music: Canterbury Country Orchestra: The Belle of the Contra Dance, La Grondeuse II

Doris turned fifty. She has a contagious laugh which induces a good atmosphere in the group.

ID: 2106