Grand Square - Birgits Danse

To Hans T.
By Birgit Rasmussen 2005
Level: Difficult


Line of four facing four, forward and back (8)
With opposite couple right and left through over (8)


Double Grand Square with wrong way change: forward four in line,
turn a quarter, the two in the middle of the line face and behind them the next face their back (4)
All forward, pass the other in line by right shoulder, turn a quarter, face same opposite line (8)
All back, turn a quarter, face in towards same line as before (4)


All forward but dont turn (4)
All balance, the four in the middle diagonally, the others forward and back (4)
The four in the middle, right hand star once around, end face partner (8)


Dosido partner (8)
Swing partner, end facing new couple. (8)

Music: Reel De Quebec: Reel Joseph.

Hans T. turned seventyfive. He is a happy and very disciplined dancer. Always helpful after a dance evening when the technical equipment has to be carried out to the car.

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