Grand Square - Birgits Danse

To Jytte and Ole's Silverwedding
By Birgit Rasmussen 2006
Level: Difficult


1st and 2nd couples forward to next 3rd and 4th couples (4)
Cast off, 1st plus 3rd and 2nd plus 4th three quarters around (4)
Hey for four couples, like four persons, 1st and 2nd Ladies pass right shoulder (8)


Continue the hey (8)
Continue the hey; end 1st plus 3rd and 4th plus 2nd facing, 3rd and 4th back to back (8)
The hey takes 24 steps


2 balance with opposite (4)
Pass opposite, end turn to face partner (4)
Left hand to partner, swat the flea (4)
Right hand to partner, box the gnat (4)


Keep right hand with partner, 2 balance (4)
Swing partner, end in start position (12)

Music: Paddy O'Connor: Irish Folk Songs: Wearing of the Green

Written for Jytte and Ole's silverwedding. They started to dance Danish folkdance with me in 1997. Today they dance in Grand Square.

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