Grand Square - Birgits Danse

For Your Hammer - Toes
By Birgit Rasmussen 2006
Contra, duple improper
Level: Easy but unusual


Long lines forward and back,
when the Gents go back, they give the right hand Lady a hug, then she knows to which side she has to start (8)
Sideways dosido to the Gent's right side,
the Gent starts in front of the Lady (8)


Dosido partner, on opposite place (8)
Gents dosido sideways with the left neighbour,
the Lady starts in front of the Gent (8)


Allemande right the same neighbour once around, turn her in to (8)
Left shoulder hey for four (8)


Continue hey (8)
Gypsy partner once an a half, end facing in. (8)

Music: The Barking Bulldogs: Dogs in the Hay: Bear Creek, Spotted Pony.

For my beloved husband when he turns seventy. He is so sorry of his hammer-toes because he can not swing all the beautiful Ladies when I call.

ID: 2138