Grand Square - Birgits Danse

Dances by Birgit Rasmussen

Dances written by Birgit Rasmussen, our first caller and honorary member, will be published here, and she invites you to read and use her dances. She has formulated this introduction to her off-spins:

Prompted by my husband I have decided to publish some of the dances which I composed for my dancers over the years. Since I started calling traditional squares and contras in 1990 I have given each dancer who "rounded a corner" a dance, complete with calls, graphical description and choice of music. This happened when they turned 50, 60, 70 and 75, or had been happily married for 25 or 50 years.

My dances were mostly written when I needed special figures in my teaching which I could not find in existing dances in any of the books at my disposal. I may inadvertently have made a dance very similar or even identical to what someone else has done. If so, I apologize, and ask the author kindly to inform me and supply details.

My hope is that other callers may find it interesting to try some of the dances once in a while.

The idea of using the web for publishing is not new. When the WorldWideWeb and the HTML language became available in the 'nineties I wrote homepages for my husband but stopped many years ago.

By the way, I have a homepage. There you will find a bit more about folkdance and a couple of photos.

Kjeld Rasmussen 1998Move Old BirgitContraDifficult
Birgit Rasmussen 2002To AsgerSicilian CircleDifficult
Birgit Rasmussen 2001To BodilSicilian CircleDifficult
Birgit Rasmussen 2001To Bodil and Mogens SilverweddingSquareDifficult
Birgit Rasmussen 1999To ClausSicilian CircleDifficult
Birgit Rasmussen 2004To Erik LMescolanzaDifficult
Birgit Rasmussen 2003To HanneSquare, with five CouplesDifficult
Birgit Rasmussen 2005To Hans T.MescolanzaDifficult
Birgit Rasmussen 2001To JytteSicilian CircleDifficult
Birgit Rasmussen 2006To Jytte and Ole's Silverwedding TempestDifficult
Birgit Rasmussen 2004To Knud BaggerContra, properDifficult
Birgit Rasmussen 2004To Mogens KTriplet, properDifficult
Birgit Rasmussen 2000To TorstenMescolanzaDifficult
Birgit Rasmussen 2004To UllaSquareDifficult
Birgit Rasmussen 2003To VictorSquareDifficult
Birgit Rasmussen 2006For Your Hammer - ToesContra, duple improperEasy but unusual
Birgit Rasmussen 1999To IngaSicilian CircleEasy
Birgit Rasmussen 2003To Inge O.Sicilian CircleEasy
Birgit Rasmussen 2003To Inge RSicilian CircleEasy
Birgit Rasmussen 2004To LeneSicilian CircleEasy
Birgit Rasmussen 2003To LisSquareEasy
Birgit Rasmussen 1999To MetteSicilian CircleEasy
Birgit Rasmussen 2002To PerSquareEasy
Birgit Rasmussen 1996Elegant LadyContraFairly easy
Kjeld Rasmussen 1998Kjeld's SecondSicilian CircleFairly easy
Birgit Rasmussen 2000To Anne Marie D-JSicilian CircleFairly easy
Birgit Rasmussen 2003To Erik KSicilian CircleFairly easy
Birgit Rasmussen 2004To JohnContra, duple improperFairly easy
Birgit Rasmussen 1994To KarenMixerFairly easy
Birgit Rasmussen 1997To KathSicilian CircleFairly easy
Birgit Rasmussen 1997To LarsSicilian CircleFairly easy
Birgit Rasmussen 1999To Lita and John's GoldweddingSicilian CircleFairly easy
Kjeld Rasmussen 1995Tommy's Texas Two-StepCoupleFairly easy
Birgit Rasmussen 2004Grand Square Lancers 1st setSquareIntermediate
Birgit Rasmussen 2004Grand Square Lancers 2nd setSquareIntermediate
Birgit Rasmussen 2004Grand Square Lancers 3rd setSquareIntermediate
Birgit Rasmussen 2004Grand Square Lancers 4th setSquareIntermediate
Birgit Rasmussen 2004Grand Square Lancers 5th setSquareIntermediate
Kjeld Rasmussen 2005Hurry Old BirgitSicilian CircleIntermediate
Birgit Rasmussen 2000To GunnaSicilian CircleIntermediate
Birgit Rasmussen 2004To HelenMescolanzaIntermediate
Birgit Rasmussen 2005To JudithSicilian Circle Intermediate
Birgit Rasmussen 2004To Kaj OHexagon, 6 couplesIntermediate
Birgit Rasmussen 2003To MarianneSicilian CircleIntermediate
Birgit Rasmussen 1997To MonaSicilian CircleIntermediate
Birgit Rasmussen 2000To Ole Sicilian CircleIntermediate
Birgit Rasmussen 1996To Jens PeterSicilian CircleRelatively easy
Birgit Rasmussen 1996To Kath and Jens Peter at SilverweddingMixerRelatively easy
Birgit Rasmussen 2005To DorisMescolanzaVery difficult
Birgit Rasmussen 2002To Inger and MogensSquareVery difficult